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Talent selection is not for amateurs.

Most people see a resume and read keywords. They see talent in black and white. After thousands of interviews in your market, we can read between the lines. Experience has taught us what to look for and ignore. Our unique perspective helps you separate the sizzle from the steak. For you, this means a higher degree of confidence, superior selection and accelerated searches

What separates Laudi from the rest?

Laudi offers the kind of results that fast companies need. But, we also keep your costs down with Red Canary. Our partners enjoy free job postings, employer branding and market exposure that targets the best hearts and minds. The bottom-line is that no other search firm rewards your loyalty with significant rebates.

You deserve better than traditional executive search.

By definition, executive search firms recruit for executives. But, strategic recruiting shouldn't be a series of transactions. Our model is much more comprehensive and cost-effective for you. By undertaking assignments across your entire org chart, we don't just recruit for execs, we help them hire as well. This breadth of service becomes a competitive advantage. Partner with us and we'll get to know your competition, anticipate needs and lend an insider's perspective on hiring decisions.

We don't want your money, we want your business.

Many clients ask if we work on retainers. The answer is yes. But, we also do exclusive contingency work. Which will we do for you? That's a decision based on several variables. For us, its the partnership that matters. Ultimately, we'd rather spend our time evangelizing and recruiting for our partners. They do more for us with word of mouth than we can with a business development team.

Recruiting is about ROI

Some of our clients pay us from their own pockets and bank accounts. These entrepreneurs bet on us to provide impact players that will make a difference. We repay that investment with sleepless nights until our work is done. It's not enough that we fill jobs. Its imperative that every one of our recruits provides a significant return on investment. If we're just a cost-center, we should be fired.

After having a very positive experience being recruited by The Laudi Group, I began using them to fill our positions at Blue Coat Systems Canada. We have found the Laudi Group to be a great source of experienced technical talent.

Greg Veres
Vice-President, Engineering

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