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M ario loves all things related to human performance and psychology in business and sports. As the prototypical partner, he has built relationships that endured for many years with numerous companies. His unique vision for talent is reflected in the CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs that look to him for advice and perspective.

He is the publisher of Red Canary and the former publisher of emergit.com. As the General Manager of a software startup in the mid-90s, he learned how to run a software company - the hard way. Those lessons remain invaluable to all that rely on him to build their teams today.

A transplanted Montrealer, Mario graduated from McGill with a Major in Organizational Psychology. He is married to a leading real estate professional and the proud father of two teenagers. In his spare time, he enjoys road and mountain biking and reading the current research on human performance. Most days, you can catch him riding to and from the office.

Favourite Bookmarks

TechCrunch, the99percent, CapGeek, TED, Freakonomics

Recent Reading

Moneyball, The Rare Find, Steve Jobs, The Talent Code

Contact Mario


416.934.9500 ext. 2000