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O.ur search methodology is the product of the thousands of successful assignments we have undertaken over the years. Every step along the way is intended to deliver the best choice of candidates on a timely basis.

Preliminary Discussion

This meeting should include everyone involved in the selection process. Our objective is to understand your company's vision and value proposition and all the information that a smart investor wants to know. We'll discuss your job description and its nuances. In some cases, we may advise you to modify your requirements.


Your proposal will outline our understanding of your requirements including pre-requisites, targeting, compensation and time frames. It also confirms the nature of the engagement, duration, fees, guarantees, as well as addressing confidentiality, NDA, non-solicitation and proprietary information.

Search and Selection

Targeted individuals are introduced to your opportunity and suitable prospects are screened against expectations. You will be introduced to candidates as soon as they are interviewed and qualified. This 'real-time' market feedback allows you learn from the market and adjust your expectations, if necessary. Candidates are evaluated for suitability and benchmarked against the peer group. After every interview, we debrief with both parties to identify hurdles, roadblocks and next steps.


Recruiting top performers is always a challenge. We protect your interests by emphasizing full-disclosure throughout the selection process. Your consultant will anticipate and address potential issues as early as possible. Our experience and market knowledge will result in a successful conclusion that endures for many years.